The Alberta Epigenetics Network

A multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder collaborative approach

The Alberta Epigenetics Network (AEN) is a multidisciplinary multi-institutional consortium of researchers and practitioners in Alberta (and beyond) interested in understanding the role epigenetics plays in their respective fields of study.

Being pan‐Alberta driven and international in scope, the Alberta Epigenetics Network links multiple stakeholders around areas of common interest to share knowledge, experience, challenges, and resources. The knowledge creation accelerated by the Network and its members will lead to technologies and applications that will improve the health and social and economic wellbeing of all Albertans.

The goals of the network are to enhance epigenetics knowledge and technology creation, and promote the application of epigenetics knowledge.

The specific goals of the network include:

  • Enhancing epigenetics knowledge and technology creation by facilitating the creation of new collaborations and enhancing existing collaborations.
  • Identifying and securing provincial funding for research projects and implementing mechanisms to improve grant success at national and international levels.
  • Promoting capacity building by enhancing access to funding, advancing and coordinating infrastructure planning, and supporting integrated pan-Albertan educational activities.
  • Accelerating the application of epigenetics knowledge and technology by creating communities of discovery and practice for end‐users and practitioners.
  • Communicating to the public and other stakeholders the importance and relevance of epigenetic research and the research conducted by the Network’s members.

These goals will be promoted by the Network’s many programs:

The Alberta Epigenetics Network includes scientists working in the areas of: cancer biology, stem cells, development and aging, neuroscience, cellular biology, plant and livestock, environment and toxicology, and informatics and technology.

The Network is an outgrowth of efforts of the Southern Alberta Group for Epigenetics Studies (SAGES) lead by Drs Iogor and Olga Kovalchuk and received funding support from the Government of Alberta and the universities of Alberta, Calgary, and Lethbridge in July of 2014.

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