Mini-networks are cross-disciplinary teams that will coalesce around research themes of interest to Network members, and act as the functional units of the Network. Their purpose is to develop strategic research collaborations that work towards research excellence, capacity building, grant writing, policy development, and technology/knowledge mobilization in the area of epigenetics.


Mini-networks can receive support for meeting expenses, travel expenses, grant writing support, and academic exchanges.


  • Mini-networks consist of collaborative teams of researchers, policy makers, and/or industry, focused on some aspect of epigenetics research, technology development, or knowledge mobilization.
  • Teams must include a minimum of three investigators from a minimum of two Alberta universities. Teams can include non-Albertan members.
  • A strategic research plan/proposal, grant application, technology transfer plan, or business plan should be developed.


A short application will be reviewed by the AEN review committee. Applications will be judged on their adherence to the requirements and an assessment of the potential impacts the collaborative team could produce in epigenetics research, technology development, and knowledge mobilization.

Apply Now 


If you have questions about applying to this program please contact The Alberta Epigenetics Network at (403) 210-5254 or [email protected].