Research & Grant Excellence


The goal of research and grant excellence is to work towards establishing funding programs at the provincial level to support infrastructure and competitive research in the field of epigenetics and to provide programs that improve grant success in local, national, and international awards competitions without duplicating existing effort. For the latter the network will support the following activities: collaboration meetings, team-sponsored visits from world class researchers or technical experts to share knowledge and expertise, and pre-submission reviews.


Collaborative teams can receive funding for: meeting expenses, travel expenses, grant writing support, expert reviews, and support for visiting scientists. 


  • Collaborative teams of researchers, policy makers, and/or industry focused on developing a grant application relevant to the field of epigenetics.
  • Teams must include a minimum of three investigators from a minimum of two Alberta universities. Teams can include non-Albertan members.


A short application will be reviewed by the AEN review committee. Applications will be judged on their adherence to the requirements and an assessment of the potential impacts the collaborative team could produce in epigenetics research, technology development, and knowledge mobilization.

Apply Now 


If you have questions about applying to this program please contact The Alberta Epigenetics Network at (403) 210-5254 or [email protected].